Sarsaparilla Drink

Nannari or Iramusu Sherbet is a must have on our iftar table during the month of Ramadan.The first sip of something chilled running down your throat is the best feeling ever….The ancient cooling properties are real!!

Making a wiser choice by skipping on high sugar drinks would really benefit the purpose of your long fast and help stabilise energy levels.Having high sugar artificially coloured drinks while breaking a long fast can prove to be harmful to your system even though you may feel instant energy that will not last too long..

There couldn’t have been a better time to enlighten you with @finch.foods Sarsaparilla powder

Sarsaparilla is an aromatic woody stem that has numerous health benefits commonly found in South Asia

The Nannari root provides relief from constipation by improving metabolism and heals acidity while also purifying blood.Apart from all this it also has many other medicinal virtues for diabetes and anaemia

Anyway there are many ways you can incorporate the sarsaparilla powder into the form of a drink but the image shows the best thirst quencher using king coconut water.


• Chilled King Coconut Water
• Sarsaparilla Powder @finch.foods
• Soaked Basil Seeds/Chia Seeds
• Squeeze of lime
• Kithul Treacle for sweetness


Just mix everything together and enjoy!!! The residue settles at the bottom so it’s not really necessary to strain but you can if you wish…

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