Australian Nectarines 1 Box (10kgs)


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  • Swapping out high-calorie snacks and sweets for nectarines can help slash the number of calories you consume and keep your waistline under control.
  • They are also nearly genetically identical to peaches, set apart by just one different allele.
  • Nectarines are low in calories but can provide a burst of fiber, vitamin C and vitamin A, along with several other important micronutrients.
  • In addition to nectarines, other high-antioxidant foods include berries, leafy green vegetables, dark chocolate, and herbs like cinnamon and turmeric.

Hailing from the Rosaceae family of plants, nectarines are related to raspberries, pears, apricots and plums. Full of nutrients and antioxidants plus versatile and delicious, the nectarine comes with a long list of health benefits and can make a tasty addition to everything from pizzas to pies.

There are many different nectarine types that can range in colour from white to vibrant yellows and reds, though they all boast similar health benefits. From supporting better gut health to boosting immunity, nectarines can be a nutritious and delicious part of the diet.

Nectarines are packed with beneficial plant compounds that act as antioxidants in the body, thanks in part to their high vitamin C content. Including a few servings of nectarines in your diet each week can help provide you with plenty of antioxidants to improve your health and fight against these dangerous free radicals.

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Australian Nectarines 1 Box (10kgs)