• Kewpie Caesar Dressing 210ml

    Our Caesar dressing uses natural parmesan and cheddar cheese, with anchovy and garlic for a rich and flavourful taste. KEWPIE DRESSING CAESAR goes great with salads, seafood and deep fried foods. No added MSG.

  • රු990.00
  • Kewpie Roasted Sesame Dressing 210ml

    Main Ingredients 

    SoyBean oil , Egg , Roasted Sesame and Mustard

    Average Composition Per 100Ml Per Serving 15Ml
    Energy (kcal) 420 63
    Protein (g) 2.2 0.3
    Fat (g) 36.7 5.5
    Carbohydrate (g) 18.9 2.8

    Bring out the flavours of your food with KEWPIE DRESSING ROASTED SESAME . This nutty, creamy dressing can be used in variety of ways from salad to meat dishes or even for steamboat. No added MSG.

  • Kewpie Sandwich Spread – Cheesy Cheese 310ml

    KEWPIE SANDWICH SPREAD CHEESY CHEESE adds a cheesy flavour to your sandwiches. It can even be used as dipping sauce and in baking.

  • Kewpie Sandwich Spread – Original 310ml

    KEWPIE SANDWICH SPREAD ORIGINAL lets you create bread dishes with unique mayonnaise flavour. It’s the perfect complement to your sandwich needs.

  • Kewpie Sandwich Spread – Spicy Black Pepper 310ml

    Step up your sandwich game with KEWPIE SANDWICH SPREAD SPICY BLACK PEPPER. The peppery flavour goes really well with bread and as a dipping sauce.

  • Kewpie Thousand Island Dressing 210ml

    KEWPIE DRESSING THOUSAND ISLAND is a versatile and savoury sauce that is almost applicable to any dish. This dressing offers the combination of sweet mango puree and aromatic herbs.


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