Soy sauce and Dried spices

Are liquid aminos a glorified soy sauce?

What exactly are liquid aminos,
and are they good for you?

We Asians love Chinese cuisine. And when it comes to Chinese cuisine, the majority of the dishes are
doused with “shoyu” also known as Soy Sauce.Although we adore this flavor boosting condiment, this
may affect our body negatively, especially when we consume often due to the high sodium level.

However, there are soy sauce alternatives in the market with low sodium levels which can lend the same
salty, “umami” satisfaction that typically soy sauce does, added to that the alternatives come with
healthier perks like low sodium and gluten free options.

Liquid Aminos is a term that keeps popping up more than ever before in all of the healthy/Vegan
recipes. A soy sauce alternative that’s taking up by storm in all the grocery stores.

What is Liquid Aminos?

Liquid Aminos are concentrated amino acids derived from soybeans. Amino acids are what the
nutritionists call the building blocks of protein. A human body needs 20 different amino acids to grow
and function properly. Eleven of these acids are non-essential, meaning our bodies make them on their
own. The other nine, however, are essential and we need to consume them regularly.

Consuming amino acids is integral to your overall health as our bodies can’t function without proteins,
and we have thousands of them, all of which are necessary for staying in good health. “Amino acids
literally help with every body system,” says nutrition specialist Rick Hay. The benefits does not end
there, “…as well as being good for the gut, hair, skin, digestion and nails.” It also supports healthy brain
function and female hormone support.

What is so special about liquid aminos?

The two brown liquid concoctions are made from soybeans, but they have a distinct difference. Unlike
soy sauce, liquid aminos are made by combining hydrolyzed soybeans with water. Thus making it a
gluten-free product naturally. Close to 5 percent of the world’s population lives with a gluten-related
disorder. Therefore, this could be a healthier choice for you if you need to stay clear of gluten.

Liquid aminos is also a great option for vegetarians and vegans to get an extra boost of nutrients
according to Nutritionist Sandra Greenbank, as they contain “essential amino which may be hard for
vegans to get naturally from their diet.”

The succulent flavor of Liquid Aminos is reflected in the serving size; just 1/2 teaspoon of Bragg’s Aminos
packs the same punch as 1 tablespoon of soy sauce.

An interesting point to note is that liquid aminos is made from only two ingredients, namely soybeans
and purified water. It does not contain any chemicals, artificial coloring, or preservatives. Preservatives
such as sodium benzoate can cause a bad allergic reaction for some people, making it a good choice for
people who cannot consume benzoates.

What do liquid aminos taste like?

Liquid Aminos tastes pretty much like soy sauce, with very slight distinctions and gives an umami taste
to your food, that meaty and savory fifth taste, sweeter, but richer and meatier, and less salty They are a
good way to add umami without worrying about overdoing it with the salt.

It’s popular as a dressing on salads, stirred into rice or beans, to marinate tofu, squirted onto meat, fish
and veggies or some even suggest to drizzle on popcorn. With a naturally salty taste, it can be added to
things such as gravies, sauces, casseroles and stir fries.

While the salty-briny taste of original soy sauce may be your current go-to for takeout, sushi and
stir-fries, try Liquid Aminos, a healthier soy-sauce substitutes instead. Keep a bottle in your fridge or
pantry and reach for it the next time you’d typically drizzle on some soy sauce. Your taste buds-and your
body-will thank you.

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